Hi everyone feeling deflated for over 8 months now not diagnosed I’ve been to gp and seen neuro oncei have various symptoms such as pins and needles feeling very tired prone to UTI and when I have a uti it makes things worse feels like my body is attacking itself my eyes became very painful to move and my muscles were going into spasms my gp thinks there is nothing of concern its just my restless. Legs syndrome but I’ve never heard of infection making it worse git the feeling the neuro thought it was all I my head but said to get referred. Back if it continues but gp won’t refer again

anybody got any advice

I have only just been diagnosed, so I have no experience, but maybe private referral to ms specialist neurologist ?

It makes no sense that the neuro has expressly said he wants to see you again if it continues, but your doctor won’t do this.

How long ago did you see the neuro? Perhaps your GP thinks it is too soon yet? Did you receive a summary of your consultation - probably addressed to your doctor, but should have been copied to you?

If he wants to see you again if symptoms persist, that should have been clear in the letter he sent to your doctor.

If you never got a write-up of your consultation, your GP still should have and you have a right to see it. It may be worth asking to see it, in case it’s there in black-and-white: “Please re-refer should symptoms fail to resolve”. If it has anything like that in it, it would be difficult for your doctor to justify failing to do it - except perhaps on the grounds that not enough time has passed.


hi I seen neuro about 7 months ago I was examined asked alot of questions he neurod i dontthink
its anything but if symptoms persist or change to go back as I said I got an infection and symptoms got worse it was a urine infection my eyes became so painful to move my muscles went to severe spasms gp would not give house visit told me to take another gabapentin
at this point in time I have pins needles in arms hands legs at times especially. In morning
it effects my walking feels like my legs are weird sort of stiff but jelly like I’ve been told its not fybromyalga as they looked at 12 points or something gp was obviously. Concerned. To send me to neuro but now I’m left un limbo

Lets reinforce what Tina has just said:

You have an absolute right under the NHS Constitution to have a copy of any report sent to your GP.
Not just a look, an actual copy. But even a look will help you,
If you do not get to see what the neuro wrote, it might be worth asking his/her secretary if a report has been sent (some neuros only allocate a limited time for writing letters).


Thanks everyone I will call neuro secretary on mon