just opened the results from my mri with contrast.

Hi all
I was diagnosed with MS in August after an MRI.

My second MRI was with contrast and I had 3 days intravenous steroids straight after.

Anyway just opened a copy of the letter sent from Neurologist to my GP it says
There were, as on previous scan several areas of hyperintensity on T2 imaging and flair consistent with demyelination. After contrast there was enhancement in one of the lesions in the right parietal area. This would suggest active inflammation.

Basically can anyone help me with what this means?Thanks in advance…


Hi Neets.

Basically you still have lesions that are MS-like (no surprise there then) and one in the right parietal lobe of your brain is bright white on the scans taken after they injected the contrast. That contrast (called gadolinium) shows up areas where the blood brain barrier is currently breached - showing areas where demyelination is happening right now, i.e. where it’s “active”.


Karen x