Just looking for a little support..

I guess like most people here I need a little support right now, so I am taking the plunge and writing, instead of driving myself a little crazier than normal…!

I am in my fifth week of being off work. I was walking down the road with my 2 small boys and my left leg/groin spasmed/tightened and I limped to my friends house and got the boys in and asked for some pain relief! My leg was now completely stiff, couldn’t raise my knee up to take shoes off, and couldn’t lower myself to sit in a normal height seat. Regular ibuprofen didn’t do much, but I was able to walk in a very slow strange fashion home an hour later, but since then I have the same issue. I booked to see a physio the day after, thinking it must be a muscle that needed stretching out, the stretches he gave me to do made it worse, and I visited my GP later in the week. I was and am finding holding my urges to wee almost uncontrollable, I find it hard to get down to the toilet, sticking my leg out and lowering myself in quite an ungainly fashion!

The GP has been awesome, prescribed naproxen, co codamol, and diazepam, but no little effect. 3days later he referred me to a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who has asked for MRI (focused I imagine on the hip area) which is this afternoon. I saw the GP again last week, explaining how absolutely fatigued I feel, I do have 2 small children, but I do get more sleep now, and he ordered a blood test to check for deficiencies.

GP rang yesterday asking me to go in, and I have way, way below average Vitamin D levels, so have started a 30,000 iu weekly supplement. So hoping thins explains the fatigue, weakness, stiffness in my whole body, and the weird leg thing should show up today. I feel like I am in a fog most of the time, I am struggling to dig out words and remember things that are on the tip of my tongue! I feel pretty scared of what is going on, but at least have the vit D thing to hold on to, and hopefully this will improve in 2/3 weeks time.

My mum has MS, I am now 41, and she was diagnosed when I was 2. I have grown up with MS, have raised many pounds for MS, have seen my Mum support many newly diagnosed sufferers in the past, as she is very positive about it. She keeps asking me if I have discussed with the GP about investigating more, I haven’t… I figure he will work that out, and has been fantastic up until now. I wonder sometimes if I am imagining some of the things I feel, and as a psychiatric nurse turned psychotherapist, imagine sometimes that my physical symptoms are a manifestation of my low mood.

I work in the NHS and have done for over 20yrs, and my boss has been great, I really want to get back to work, but I can’t drive, can’t sit comfortable for long enough to see a patient, and feel so wiped out I doubt I would get through too much at the moment. Now I have stopped though, I realise that I have actually been feeling pretty rubbish for a while, with odd muscle/nerve pain, but focusing on other people’s problems at work has been a great distraction.

I will get back to work, I know. I am the main earner, my husband has been a stay at home Dad, I must get back to work in some capacity, but in the 5th week now, I can’t say I feel any better. When I rest my leg etc feels a little better, but then on walking and what I would say normal exertion, I really feel it. Anyway, let’s see what this afternoon brings, not sure how long I’ll wait for the results…

thanks for reading xx

It can feel so demoralizing when you can’t do what you want to do. Wishing you all the best with your results and hopefully some answers soon. Hugs Kath xx

I am sorry that you are having such a worrying time. Your GP knows that there is a family history of MS, I assume? I imagine that you are not keen to be one of those patients who is for ever tugging at the GP’s sleeve and fretting about MS, but there’s a world of difference between that and just making sure that the GP has all the information that is to hand. My apologies if the GP knows all about your mum and I have just got the wrong end of the stick again.


Thank you Kath and Alison, for replying and responding… Very kind of you to take the time.

Alison, i’m not sure the GP does know- I just assume that it is on my records, I’m not due to see him again, well, unless things don’t improve in the next week or so, then I’ll need another sick note. I was told yesterday that I will get an appt in the post when the MRI results are ready in 2/3 weeks to see the consultant ortho fella. I do hope it shows a torn muscle or something obvious that can explain things. But I guess I can mention the family history to him.

Thanks again xxx

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Hi, just sending my support and hoping things improve soon for you.

Let us know how it goes, yeh?

luv Pollx

Thanks Boudica, Really kind of you to ask. Hope you are well yourself?

MRI on hips came back normal, not a surprise to me really. The consultant ortho had said to the GP that he thought I may have a Labral tear or AVN before the results, but no. The ortho has sent me back to the GP to have a further blood test for rheumatoid arthritis, awaiting results.

I talked to the GP on Monday, I am walking better, but my leg is not behaving itself, I can’t almost get it to lift up and bend so I can put my own shoe and sock on, and I keep tripping over toys etc, stumbling, I just can’t feel it the same as before!! Mind you, there are lots of toys on the floor!

There are lots of other strange sensations? Pain? Tingles in my arms and generally feeling weak, cognitively I am not feeling all there, almost tripping up on my words. I am floored with fatigue before I even begin. It’s the third week of super doper vit D, and my friend has also got me on calcium, magnesium, vit C, zinc. I rattle!!

What I struggle with most is articulating how I feel at the. GP. I did bring up my family history. He said that he wasn’t ruling. MS out, but that pain wasn’t usually an initial presenting problem with MS. I have found it hard to describe from the very get go, what has been happening, also my short term memory is pants, so when I’m there. I forget stuff! It was a spasm initially, a tightening spasm in my leg I tried to tell him!!

Work are losing patience I feel. I had an email from my boss asking me for a diagnosis and prognosis, I was pretty cross,… I wish! I have very little oomph, energy. Can’t drive. And they are still investigating I said.

So I’m back at the GP on. Monday, I am going to try and write stuff down before I go. I’m at the point where I feel that I don’t want to lose his interest in helping me, a bit like work. I sometimes feel like they feel I am just imagining these things, because apart from the Vitamin D deficiency they can’t name it yet!

anyway, thanks for reading xx