Just joined the club

Had results today from MRI and although not confirmed by blood or lumbar test Dr. is fairly sure MS is my problem.

Strangley enough the news has not taken me aback (much) perhaps delayed reaction, dont know.

I currently have tingling legs and slight weakness in left leg ( that has improved)but very little else, no pain or other sensations

I surpose I am like all new club members I wonder what the future holds ?

Dont know how useful or otherwise specific information is about me but I will give a little

In 2009 I got a numbing sentation in my left little finger this was suspected as being nerve pinch in the neck but was never really confirmed because the MRI was poor quality

In my recent MRI the Dr noticed that on the original scan signs of damage (inflamation) where evident so I could have had this condition since then or perhaps ten years earlier, but with no symptoms

One question, they give treatment if a relapse occures how would you no when this starts ?

Buy the way I am 59 yrs old

Hello there and welcome to the club.


Gosh a relapse can take diffrent forms.It may start with headaches or tingling,maybe numbness or pain..

It could simply feel like flu like symptoms but you never actualy get the flu.You know the aches and pains,tiredness and feeling low.Thats how I feel.

If you get any symptoms please ring your doctor who can help with meds and refer you to an Occupational Therapist and MS nurse who can help you as well.

If you have any worries although we are not doctors we can still chat with you and answer some of your questions and steer you in the right direction.



Thanks Charlie, I am sure to lots of questions so hang onto your hats happy2

Your very welcome.

I have lost of questions myself.

Please ask away,we are here to help were we can and if you feel you can help others please do...


Oh and for some reason people seem to think I am a man,I aint LOL.

Can you prove that ?

Gosh let me check myself first......

Yup I am a GIRL....HE HE HE....


Hi Zidder x just wanted to say hello x

Charlie -your comment & Zidder - your response made me chuckle out loud!! Thank you for that!! thumbsup xxxjenxxx

Kizzy I am glad I make you smile.

Even though I am poorley my job I know is to make others smile.If others are happy I am happy.

Bless you,x



Quick question if I can,

As said only just dx and at present have very little effects main one is tingling in legs, mainly right, can this tingling go, ease off ? cos it is driving me batty


Yes it can ease off and dissapear...