just getting stiffer

Hi, I was dx end of nov with ms( no type) just a copy letter from neuro to my dr. There’s no ms nurse for this area. I have an appoint with my dr at the end of the month. 1st available. Fatigue is bad. Hands up who fell asleep at 8 on new years eve. I have pain in arms and hands and feet. Recently I’ve had the feeling of mycalf muscle being so tight. My leg is getting stiffer and now my hand is getting stiffer. My wrist is weak. I couldn’t even spray my body spray this am. For the past 18 months I’ve been a danger to my self when I try to cut potatoes carrots etc. Turnip and swedes are just not for whimps like me but today I couldn’t cut up my lunch. What do I need to do make thing easier/ improve rather than deteriorate? Lynn

Hi Lynn,

Sorry to hear you are having so much pain. See if you can get an emergency appt’ with your doctor as it seems you may need a drug for neuropathic pain. If you can’t get an earlier appt’ ring your neuro’s sec’ and ask her to ask your neuro for you.There are lots of different drugs out there that could help you. If you are married or have a partner get them to prepare the veg, don’t end up cutting yourself. Take care of yourself.



An appointment with your GP for the end of the month??? If that’s the best they can do, they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves :frowning: It sounds like you would benefit from neurophysio (your GP can refer you), muscle relaxant meds (the standard one is baclofen) and an occupational assessment (to get aids to help you at home - via Social Services and/or GP). Fatigue is tricky, but getting pain under control and getting help to struggle less will hopefully make a big difference. If it is still a problem then you could ask to try amantadine or modafinil. Neither work for everyone, but can be effective for some. (Modafinil is hard to get.) I hope your GP steps up to the mark. Be prepared to push a bit to make him/her though! Karen x

Hi, I know about stiffness/spasms in the legs…it`s awful! Baclofen helps, but the dosages are tricky to work out. Folk are usually told to find their own level, after a trial period on it.

Not sure of GPs can prescribe it or a neuro has to.

luv Pollx

hiya…sorry you are having a bad time but as rizzo says a gp should be able to prescribe baclophen…I take 10 mg three times a day and was out on them a few months ago…before I ended up in hospital…you may need to adjust the dosage but the more you have it can increase weakness and risk of falling etc at higher doses…so bit of a delicate balance but neuro physio could work great in combination…?,your gp can refer you to one…an ot may also be able to advise re food prep to there are some nifty gadgets out there and cutlery to help re eating…maybe an electric slicer could be a good idea…or try and get fresh pre cut stuff I know it costs more…but could be worth a try… em x