just found an interesting site, hope it helps x


Nice find Medion, great for Newbies

The last question was interesting about having no symptoms but being told to go on DMDs anyway (maybe as it is an American site so they will have to pay). I was told that they prescribe DMDs for CIS (which is what I have been diagnosed with) too in the USA but not here.


Great link. Just wanted to comment re DMD’S for CIS. They are available on the NHS but in my case anyway I had to fight tooth and nail for them. It’s been stressfull but I’ve got there in the end and I’m due to start Rebif in the New Year. If I can be of any help to someone who is going through the same struggle please pm me.

I was told that NICE had not approved DMDs for CIS so there was no way I could have them, end of. I will PM you humbug.