CIS and DMDs?

Just wondering as I’m getting my avonex out of the fridge…is anybody else on dmds after having a CIS? And if so has it kept relapses at bay? Thanks Emma x

No advice Emma sorry. I have been diagnosed with a CIS and have been refused them. Have been told its common practice not to offer them so you’re lucky!

Hi yes I am lucky to have them my neuro is an ms specialist and very pro active with medication…my MRI show a few lesions in the brain and spine but can’t prove they happened at different times( McDonald criteria) so it’s good I’m on treatment and hopefully will delay a further attack…what was your first attack? Mine was a complete drop foot with paralysis so he thought it was severe enough to warrant dmds…I wonder how many people are diagnosed CIS to begin and how many convert to CDMS?

Double vision and Nystagmus in Jan. The first neuro actually diagnosed me with ms but the second one I saw confirmed its a CIS at this stage. Talk about a whirlwind diagnosis and retraction- my head was spinning as much as my eyes!

I’ve been told by neuro number 2 that I’ve got a 50% chance of devloping MS within two years, 60% within 3 years and 80 % within 20 years. I hope I’m wrong but I have a feeling this is not the last I’ve heard from it :(. I’m desperate for DMD’s but have been refused them point blank. My neuro thinks the ABC drugs are rubbish; I diagree and think anything is better then nothing.

Would you mind telling me who your neuro is via a pm? I’m willing to travel pretty much anywhere to get on them.