Finally heading towards a diagnosis?

Hi there,

this will be only my second ever post here so just wanted to say hi! I don’t have a confirmed diagnosis yet but I’m fairly sure it’s heading that way!

To cut a long story short, in May 2014 I had my first episode of double vision. MRI showed a lesion consistent with MS. I then had evoked potential tests which were normal and a lumbar puncture which wa s positive for oglioclonal bands. Apparently this didn’t provide enough evidence for a diagnosis but the neurologist said there was a high chance I would relapse so essentially diagnosed with CIS and a watch and wait approach taken. I was advised by my neurologist to get on with my life, look after myself and get in touch if I experienced any further symptoms. I was never offered any DMDs as I don’t think they were licensed for CIS back then, bit annoying to find they are now as I probably would have taken the treatment option if I’d been offered it!

The double vision went away and I took my neurologists advice and got on with my life - I’m now 26 and qualified as a nurse 2 and a half years ago and have been working on a busy inpatient ward ever since!

Fast forward 5 years (almost to the day!) and I have double vision again. To make matters worse I’m getting married in 3 weeks and was just about to apply for a promotion at work - the timing honestly couldn’t have been worse! So now I’m off sick, unable to work, waiting for an appointment to see a neurologist and trying to finalise all the wedding plans!

So that’s my story! I am understandably stressed right now but trying to stay positive about the future! Everybody keeps telling me to to rest and not get stressed out but that is easier said than done haha!