just forl laughs! not ms

Dave Allen, teaching how to tell the time, as funny as the first time! crying with laughter here! for anyone not old enough to remember Dave Allen or those trying to teach their own kids the time, watch on youtube, funnier than fork handles!

i love dave allen.

he hasn’t been around i do hope he hasn’t gone to join bowie and the rest.

his irish accent was perfect.

He died 2005.

wedi maraud, has gone Carole he was funny though. xx

I loved Dave Allan he had me in stitches.

I’ll be off to YouTube for this one … just for laughs sounds like a bloody good reason to me x

Classic comedy! I’ve never failed to find him funny in over 30 years or more.

Theres many good comedians on YouTube. Some you’ll never see on TV again. Punt and Dennis (wine club sketch) Bob Monkhouse live, plus loads of memorable stuff Les Dawson (Cissy and Ada) pretty much anyone you liked back in the 60s/70s/80s and more.

fill ya boots and be prepared to laugh till your face hurts!

Will have to look for that one!