just diagnosed very scared... :(

hi. This is all so new to me. I was offically diagonised with ms last thurs and even though i was prepared for this I’m finding it really hard. Wanted to write down how im feeling and see how others coped early on and just generally to have others to chat to who can relate.

Im 26 years old and this all came to a head literally the day after my 26th birthday when I was rushed into hospital with urine retention. Had no idea this was related to ms and was a massive shock to find out but i dont no if anyone else felt like this but i knew something was not right with me for a long time and in a way it was a refief to no that things wernt just in my head, that i wasnt just lazy and there was something wrong with my body.

My main sympton thay affects me day to day is my legs. I can only walk for about 15min before my legs go wobbley and are so clumsy if this makes sense-does anyone else have this problem? And can anyone tell me if they think this may get better as i have been told treatment wont necessary make them better just stop relapses making them worse, dont completely understand how it all works tbh. Another sympton i have which wanted to see if anyone else has is that i have really bad jerks in my legs, they are so violent and so obvious, if u were sitiing next to me you’d definately notice(my partner does everytime it happens) does anyone else have this?

I have been told i am going to be put onto treatment asap, interferon where i have to inject myself 3 times a week, something that petrifies me as i hateeeee needles. Can anyone tell me much about this treatment, side effects etc??? there just seems to be so much to take in and dont no where to start and any advice would be much welcomed.

Just feel like my life has been turned upside down and am so scared for what the future holds. I do have a boyfriend who i have been with for nearly 6 years who has been great and very supportive and i feel he is not going anywhere but im scared that this may all to much for him, maby not now but maby if my legs get worse…cant walk and all that, i dont no if i want to put im through that but the selfish part of me is like please dont leave me i dont think i could cope on my own. argg im just a bit all over the place atm and would love to chat to others in a similar position to me…