I am really scared and confused...

Hi there, I’m new to this but thought i would post something as everyone seems so supportive and helpful.

I’m 21 years old and I’m now waiting for a diagnosis. All the doctors and consultants seem to be quite convinced that what I have is MS, however up until 6 months ago we had no idea and it wasnt even seen as an option.

For nearly 6 years now I have been having a lot of problems with my bladder and kidney, 52 kidney infections in 2 years to be exact, they were toying between a tear in my kidney, kindey stones etc, however 2 years ago i had really bad case of urinary retention where i had to have a long stay in hospital and a catheter for a month. And since then it just been getting worse with at least a hospital visit and catheter nearly once a month due to retention. So when they said that MS may be the cause i was really shocked and scared.

I’ve had problems with my legs for a while now too, feels like cramp in my legs and it spreads from my knees up and down. I always start off being in agony and having to have ice cold baths to make the pain go away. But the past 2 times this has happened i have fallen and lost the feel in my right leg. Along with a uncontrollable shake that occurs sometimes in my left arm.

Its getting to a point where i spend so much time in hospitals that its not only affecting my work but also my relationship. im scared to go into work incase i fall in front of customers, or end up in pain. And even though my boyfriend is so incredibly supportive in every way i’m almost scared t be with him because of what it could mean for his future as well as mine.

Its actually almost refreshing to see that im not the only person going through this because i have felt so alone. Part of me just wants to know what is happening and to get a diagnosis so that i can move on and deal with it properly, but part of my wishes i could pretend nothing is wrong and just be a normal 21 year old girl.

Hey Duckie,

How are yer?

Nice hair !!

Sorry to read about your rough ride. You’ve been through it.

This site is really cool for support, and at the very least, confirming you’re not going mad…

I was 23 when the hammer fell. I ignored it for a decade, but I’ve been lucky.

I’m pleased to read you have someone supportive with you.

Take care of yourself.


Hi Duckie, I feel your angst. Poor you! MS is difficult to diagnose as the doctors need to rule out everything else first. Hence so many tests. Your symptoms were not quite the same as mine, but they say that everybody’s MS is different. It’s not fun. It’s not glamorous. We have to somehow adjust to our new roles, and cut out negativity. Which is very difficult, believe me. Your doctors think it’s MS. They now have to either prove it is, or as I said before, rule out everything else. It’s a frustrating and lengthy process. And there’s nothing worse than being left in limbo. I’m sending you good wishes, and a hug. Take care Alison

Hey Duckie!

How are you doing today? I hope you get the answers you need for a diagnosis sooner rather than later. I’ve recently been diagnosed. I just kept saying I’m only 25 I’m too young to have any health issues! 25!

I’m about 2 months down from my last relapse and feeling a whole lot better!


Hi Duckie,

I’m so sorry you are going through this. Have a look at the Shift MS site, its a lovely forum, busy and a younger age group.