Just back from a night in A & E :0(

Not quite the Saturday night I had in mind! Trip to A&E. Eye pain and black spot in left eye. Diagnosis - likely optic neuritis. Decided not to give me steroids until optho man reviews progress again tomorrow morning due to my recent bad reactions to other meds. Really clued up young Dr in A & E and very reassuring. I didn’t say the words MS as my daughter was there and he didn’t use them either but basically explained how the brain and eyes work and that he has recommended on his notes that I get a brain MRI to add to the spine ones I’m due to get the results for next week. OH and I knew exactly what he was thinking but he was sensitive to my daughter being there. I was quite taken aback by his thoroughness in his questioning and then his knowledgeable explanations. Made my GP and Rheumy look like blethering idiots! My daughter had to come with us as she is too young to stay home alone yet. She got upset and said “I wish you weren’t always poorly Mummy”. Broke my heart. Dr was really good and said " don’t worry, once Drs know what’s causing problems, they can then do their best to make people feel better, so it’s a good thing you’ve brought your mum in tonight cos now we can get down to the business of sorting her out . You’ll be sorry when she’s back to nagging you to tidy your room and do your homework!" Painkillers kicking in now so going to try and get some sleep. Cx

Sleep well Clair. ((hugs)) Xx Frank

Oh Clair,i hope your vision is abit better today .

Do you have to go back up there today?

Sam x

Morning Clare x hope you managed to get some sleep x

Hope it goes good with the ophthalmologist today - or is that tomorrow xxxjenxxx

Thanks all. Got a couple of hours kip but still have sore and dodgy vision. If it gets any worse I have to go back to hospital but have a free pass to avoid the A&E wait. If it stays the same or gets better then they have made me a follow up appt for Mon lunchtime. Cx

Oh dear Claire what a saturday night. Hope it doesn’t get any worse. Rest-up and try not to over -do.X


Hi Claire poor you, the doctor sounded a dream though and hopefully even though a&e isnt the best place to be you might soon get some answers. Take care and let us all know how you get on. Karen x

What a wonderful doctor!!!

How sad that it’s not the norm :frowning:

From experience, it is probably highly unlikely that the message about the brain scan gets through to the right channels so a phone call or email to the neuro’s secretary is probably in order so she/he knows to check that the A&E notes are in your records.

Karen x

@ Karen and Karen He was young and quite gorgeous looking too ! … well from what I could see. Is ‘cougarism’ a symptom of MS in middle aged women? LOL ;0) Cx

o_O I’m frightened o’ cougars

Lol Claire xxx

Claire I think you’re on to something. My partners younger than me - okay so not by donkey’s years but still…

My first assessment was done by the registrar who was very young and hot. I was very thakfully my boss had reminded me to think about the clothing I wore - inside and out!

Hi Claire Take care Mike x

Gokr - LOL my OH is 5 years younger than me.

Thanks everyone for your nice comments and support. I would have been lost without you all on here in recent days. Having my moments of fear and uncertainty same as everybody else, but I’ve also been laughing and smiling loads more too


Hope you’ve had a better day today S x

I am sorry you are having such a rotten time. Nice that the doctor was so switched on and lovely, though. I hope things calm down for you very soon.