Just a StephenLion thought:-If Chocolate is bad to eat late

[Eat late at night then why call it Chocolate???

Hell-high my good friends, to my bad friends greetings and Felicie Tations say’s Hi. To all you who saw my name on the post and ran to a more erudite post, YA_BOO_SUCKS (don’t panic people and non-people they will never read it!!)

So my question if you would like to spend some of your precious spoons in answering it is this.

"If Chocolate is bad for you in the prime of the evening, then why not call it Chocoearly or Chocomidmorning, even Chocointhemidoftheafternoon. Perhaps even Chocomidday, now that makes perfect sense. Then of course there would have to be a re-naming of a famous thin chocolate mint, it would have to be known from now on as “Before Eight pm and Before Eight am”

I will as always be interested in your replies to this complex and often confusing issue.

Take care of yourselves you know no one does it better and of course you are worth it…

In friendship and MS…the barking lion [/color]

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