johnny cash

i just caught a documentary on sky arts about johnny cash.

it showed the making of the song and video “hurt” which i love.

it’s a nine inch nails song and cash did it in a very stripped back way.

it’s very moving and utterly wonderful.

carole x

Love the NIN version (in fact, love the whole “Downward Spiral” album), but didn’t know Cash did a cover - can’t imagine it much more stripped back than the original. Will have to Google for the vid.



Cash recorded ‘Hurt’ late in life in 2002 and it is included on his very moving LP called American IV: The Man Comes Around. His voice is a bit wobbly on some songs but there are bravura performances, especially the title track, Hurt and Give my love to Rose. You can buy the LP in mp3 form from Amazon for a few quid….go on it’s Christmas.

I am not an expert on Cash but I bought the download after it was featured on one of Bob Harris’s country music shows on Radio 2. There are some truly striking performances on it.


his wife was in the video and she died soon after.

johnny cash died later the same year.

i really love that song.

carole x

Trust me, the Cash version of Hurt makes the NIN version (brilliant as it is) sound like Stock Aitken and Waterman laugh

It will break your heart.

…Did you hear about the Irishman who thought “Johnny Cash” was change for a Durex machine ?!!

(…please forgive this as it’s coming from someone half-Irish himself !!)


Trust you Dom to bring the tone down.

I love the Johnny Cash version Carole and the NIN version is good too Tina.

Shazzie xx

Im a huge Cash fan his songs is all i play on my geetar’s badly i might add, Hurt has gotta be 1 of the most indepth song ive ever heard emotionaally its a roller coaster but awesome to see his music live on after The Man In Black has long gone respect


Johnny Cash was a genius and had a very colourful life - Even if you’re not a country fan, you gotta love Johnny Cash…“Hurt” is brilliant and them last few albums were fantastic…“Forty shades of Green” is worth a look as well…