It's just one thing after another!!

Hi Everyone,

I’ve not been on here for 2-3 months, as I’ve been laid up flat on my back in bed for 7 weeks with a very painful lower back. My GP wasn’t sure what was wrong, but said she was requesting an MRI scan to see what it was. Whatever it was it had first of all made my left leg even more unresponsive than it usually was, and increased the pain that I usually get in that leg from MS.

Finally a couple of weeks ago, I had the MRI scan and then 2 days later my GP rang and said she already had the result, which wasn’t good. It turned out that one of the discs in my lower back had slipped right out of position and was prolapsing against another one and in slipping it had pushed the other disc right against my spinal cord, crushing nerves to my left leg in the process. She told me not to move at all if possible, because if the second disc was pushed even more, it could push so hard against my spinal cord that it would sever it and paralyse me in my legs. Imagine how terrified I was then!

The following morning a surgeon rang from my local hospital to tell me to get to the hospital straight away as he needed to operate urgently to fix the problem. An ambulance was sent for me and took me in. Within 20 minutes of getting there, I was in a gown; had signed the consent form for the surgeon; talked to the anaesthetist; and was being wheeled into the theatre. I almost felt like royalty I was being treated so quickly! Usually when going to the hospital for anything to do with MS I am waiting for ages and ages, but not then. I ended up having 2 discs removed from my back and my lower spine was tied up to make up for the discs that were missing.

The operation took 2 hours, I was then in hospital for a week and discharged last Friday, 3rd May. I am out of pain, though have very little feeling in my left leg. Whereas before I could walk about 100 yards with my stick before needing a rest, at the moment I can shuffle about 10 yards with a zimmerframe. I am due to start physiotherapy in the next couple of days. Hopefully I will get more feeling back in the leg and I will be able to move about more freely. The surgeon said it is ‘hit and miss’ as there were a lot of nerves crushed by the discs, so he does not know how much feeling I will get back in the leg, or how fast or far I will be able to walk in the future.

So last year was bad for me, with the MS flaring up a lot and restricting me from doing so many things that I wanted to do. But this year has started even worse. But for now, it’s a case of getting on with it and hoping things settle down and my walking improves. I won’t be winning any races in the next few months, but on the other hand I am catching up with my reading. My Kindle was a godsend in hospital and it’s going to get a lot of use over the next few weeks and months as well.

I will keep you posted as to how things go.

Hi Well, at least glad you’re back in your own home…but what a mare for you !! Here’s hoping you gain strength day by day…in the meantime make good use of that kindle and rest !! All the very best Xx

Hi Dave, Goodness what a thing to happen!

Glad you are home and I’m sure with physio your walking will pick up again.

Take care… yes agree… Kindle is a godsend!

Pat x

Hi Dave, just want to say that i hope you are better soon. Sounds like youve been in the wars.

I love my kindle, i have always loved reading but it was getting harder and harder to turn the pages. I got it about 18months ago, best birthday present ever.

Lisa x

Oh poor you! What an awful thing to happen.

But I am so glad you got into hospital and had the op so quickly. You didnt have time to think, i`ll bet!

here`s to a good recovery.

luv Pollx

Just a funny…summat a pal said to me;

If its not one thing, it`s your mother!``

luv Pollx