It's going to get harder to get retirement on grounds of ill health

Tax breaks for companies to offer OH. This could be a good and bad thing: OH will be tasked with keeping people IN work rather than retiring them off.

Too many people are on benefits - many more than pre-pandemic and the Gov wants to get people back to work. Somewhere in region of 360,000 more people at home on benefits than before covid and understandably, it’s costing the tax payers a fortune.

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Think it’s going to be harder to get benefits full stop… the Gov always make a beeline for the easiest group of people to target with harsh crackdown’s and sanctions - the ill and disabled.

It’s not enough that we have to battle our respective health conditions every day, but also go into battle against the DWP to fight for money we are supposedly ‘entitled to’.

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The most serious and deserving cases will still get approved, but in the middle ground perhaps we can expect a little less “benefit of the doubt”. Will make it even more important to do your prep, make sure your proof sources (letters & reports from GP’s & Consultants) say what is needed to spell out to an assessor the extent of the condition.