It’s been a long road

I am a 48 yr old female, I started having symptoms of ms 18 months ago. It has been a very long road. My neurologist said I have ms but can’t officially diagnose it as that till I have another relapse with changes on mri scan. I went for an mri couple weeks ago as I was having what I classed as another flare up, although I already had an appointment for follow up with neurologist July 2019, they have now brought it forward to December 2018. I am now worried that they have brought my appointment forward that there must have found something on the mri. My anxiety is through the roof as I recently had to quit my job too due to constantly being ill. Am at my wits end.

hi sharon

nobody knows how the neuro’s mind works!

we’re in december now so stop stressing because it does nothing except make your symptoms worse.

if you have ms, then you have it and a diagnosis gives you access to DMDs.

then again it may not be ms.

repeat after me, if it’s to be then there is nothing i can do about it.

here’s hoping it isn’t.

carole x

Hello Sharon

Carole is quite right. What it is can’t be changed, so worrying does no good (maybe the reverse?)

And it may even be a good thing. If it is MS, then you should now qualify for DMDs and that might have been the last relapse you ever have!