Diagnosis imminent

Hi, just been to the neuro today. Got referred after optic neuritis and changes on brain scan. Dr says cant diagnose now but is basically almost certain i have ms. So now im just waiting on another mri and lumbar puncture to confirm and am getting more suicidal by the minute :frowning: i dont think i can cope with this disease and the uncertainty.

Hi Daria,

Welcome to the forum. A diagnosis of MS or any other neurological disorder always takes time. I know how frustrated you feel 'cause you just want to know what you’re dealing with. I’m afraid almost everyone on this forum has had to go through it - so you’ve come to the right place. Ask us what you like.

Have you noticed the MS helpline at the top of the webpage? 0808 800 8000 Free of charge. Here’s the link to the opening times. MS Helpline | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK

Why not give them a call? They know a lot about MS, and they’ll understand just how you feel. NB: They’re not there weekends or bank-holidays.

Hang in there,


Hello Daria

Welcome to the forum. So sorry you’ve had to find your way here.

The uncertainty while you’re waiting for tests, appointments, and of course diagnosis is horrible. We all know just how frightening it is. So I’m not surprised your emotions are all over the place.

But you know, MS isn’t quite the terrifying beast it once was. We have a wide range of disease modifying drugs (DMDs) which aim to reduce MS relapses and thus disability.

If you are diagnosed, you will hopefully get on a good DMD and honestly, hardly notice you have MS. I didn’t even have the benefit of today’s DMDs and yet was fully able bodied for a good 10 years post diagnosis. I even wore high heels all day long to my wedding 8 years after MS crashed its way into my life.

Ben has the right idea, suggesting you talk to the MS helpline. They’re great. Equally, you may have the support of friends and family; maybe there’s someone you could talk to seriously about your fears and worries. Sometimes just openly owning those feelings helps.

If all else fails (or even if it doesn’t) keep talking to us on here.