Diagnosed Yesterday

Hi all,

I posted on here about a week ago worried about a possible MS diagnosis but my head was a bit all over the place so I deleted the thread. I had an MRI scan on Sunday and was called back to see the neurologist yesterday, it was the registrar that I had previously seen and yesterday she had her consultant with her so I know something was happening. Anyway I was diagnosed with RRMS and have been urgently referred up to the MS centre and for a scan with contrast.

Me and my husband just had a strong feeling that the diagnosis would be MS, even though the time from GP appointment to diagnosis was only 4 weeks I feel like I was expecting it. I’m generally feeling ok, the consultant had a very positive attitude so that helped me. Obviously my family are feeling a bit numb about it all and just look so sad.

I suppose I don’t really know what I’m posting this for but is it ok to feel ok about the diagnosis? I know it’s very early days (less than 24 hours) and I’ve had a few wobbly/scared moments but I generally feel like I just want to get on with it and back to some kind of normality.

Anyway nice to meet you all, I’m sure I’ll be needing your support in the next while!


It’s perfectly OK to feel OK about your diagnosis. It’s the people who behave that it’s the end of the world who I think are overreacting.

You’ve got an explanation for your symptoms, you’ve got a neurologist who understands what options are available for you, in terms of medication, and you’ll probably have a specialist MS Nurse who you’ll meet a regular intervals.

It all sounds as if you have a lot to be relaxed about.

And the best news of all, is that you’ve found this Forum. There is a vast amount of experience among the contributors here and a lot of people willing to share their knowledge.

Best wishes,


Thank you Anthony, such a comfort to know you’re all out there.


Hello Rosie

Welcome to the forum. In lots of ways, you could be considered relatively lucky to have such a quick referral to diagnosis. Many people are left in limbo for months if not years waiting for diagnosis.

At least now you should be assigned an MS nurse and can get some disease modifying drugs (DMDs). To help you out, have a look at You won’t get a completely free choice of all the DMDs. It will depend on how active your MS is, what prescribing centres have been set up in your area and what the neurologist recommends. But it’s a big step forward to be familiar with the various drugs.

I’m sure that you will have very changeable moods with regard to the diagnosis. One day you’ll feel OK with it, the next you’ll be wailing ‘why me, it’s not fair’! Believe me, we have all done that in our time.

But keep coming to the forum when you have questions, problems, thoughts, or just want to chat with other people afflicted with the same damned disease.