Is treatment with copaxone really worth it? What are the figures?


I would really like to know if the treatment is really worth the pain and trouble. I have RR and was injecting myself with Avonex. I stopped because I felt very depressed. I’ve started injecting myself with copaxone which is every day. I know these drugs can reduce flareups but I’m fed up. I’m thinking of stopping treatment altogether.

If you stopped treatments and end up in a wheelchair I think your be more depressed.

Seeing as you did Avonex which is a interferon why don’t you ask your neuro to put you on Gilenya or BG12
they are both tablets and no hassle with needles.

I did copaxone for a year and hated it. I did not even suffer with injection site issues.

On Gilenya now and loving it and its calmed my MS down its nearly as good as Tysabri with feeling etc.