Is this the correct procedure?

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I receive both DLA and also income support, and had assumed that the powers that be would soon be knocking on my door. On Friday, my mother answered the door to a woman who asked to speak to me. She did not introduce herself, but said that she was just dealing with ‘my case’. She really asked all of the questions that I had answered on the DLA form several weeks ago. Twice she described where we were sitting as ‘my’ house, but I corrected her on both occasions. Her main gripe seemed to be about some small savings that I have, and I am currently 'phoning around to ask bank and building society to send back statements specifically of that particular day that she visited. This whole process has left me feeling very stressed and I am wondering if it is normal practice for DWP employees to just turn up unannounced? I get annoyed at myself for feeling this way, but this visit has really crushed my ego.

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Hi Moira, well it doesnt sound right to me. if it had been me, i wouldve asked her to wait in her car/outside, while I phoned the DWP to confirm who she was.

Either way, she really should have made an appointment.


luv Pollx

I’m not sure about the lack of appointment but the position with savings is to do with your income support (it has no effect on DLA) If you have savings of less than £6,000 they are ignored. Savings of between £6,000 and £16,000 are deemed to be earning an interest of £1.00 per week for every £250. This interest is deducted from your income support. The house that you live in is not classed as capital so it wouldn’t matter if you did own it. If you have capitol of more than £16,000 you are not eligable for income support.
You describe your savings as “small” so it doesn’t sound as though you have anything to worry about. It’s normal for DWP to want to see bank statements etc when you are claiming a means tested benefit so I wouldn’t feel singled out. Sounds as though this woman did not have very good interpersonal skills and that’s her problem not yours.



Firstly, they should have made an appointment & not turned up anannounced. They should also have ID with them.

If they were visiting to discuss benefit then it would have been about your income support.

May be worth calling to check that the visit was genuine just to re-assure yourself.

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Hi Moira,

Not a lot to add really but thought that they should have given you written notice of them coming to interview you. I’d have gone along with what Poll has said and made them wait outside whilst you checked their credentials, as these days you can’t be to careful.

Janet x

Thank you to Janet, Secret4aReason, Jane & Poll for answering my fears; that I had been singled out. It was odd her turning up unannounced, but she had so many forms and booklets with her that I assume that she wasn’t just a nosey neighbour (there are quite a few 'round here!). The only savings I have must annount to the none too princely sum of about £7,000, but by all accounts maybe even that is to be taken. I try to save, simply because I don’t have the three magic 'H’s, house, holidays and husband. But obviously even my meagre saving have to be bitten down. I have tried to turn this into a possitive, and think of spending some - and this isn’t difficult, as I have a long list of things I have needed for some time. Thank you to everyone for getting back to me.

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Did you see her ID?


Hello Liz,

No, I have to admit I didn’t see her i.d. I wasn’t on my own in the house (my sister is six feet tall!) so I didn’t feel intimidated. I would like to say that if I had been on my own I would have asked for i.d., but I doubt that I would. Hmmmmmmm.


You must ask for ID. And if you are at home alone ask them to return at another time when you can have someone with you. This wouldn’t stand up in a court of law but if you have a small recorder - or if your phone records - I would switch it on. You can tell whoever it is that you need it to jog your memory. I have even done this with telephone conversations!


Hi Liz,

You are right, I should start being more careful. I will certainly act better next time, if there is one.

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