Is this site going sloooow is it just me!

For a couple of days now it seems to be going so slow… click on a link and go and put the kettle on!

Everything else on my laptop seems ok except this site.

Just me?

Pat x

Hi Pat

, i can hardly get on the site the last few days,dont think its us, its the site.

jaki xx

Hi Pat

It’s definitely not just you. The last few days have been a bit hit & miss…

Debbie xx

Yes Pat, I echo everyone else`s sentiments. Must be tired, eh? Got MS fatigue!

luv Pollx

Yeah Poll. Poor site. I know how it feels!

Pat x

Lol- wish id read this earlier - just been de-junking my computer as i thought it was me-must be because we are all so chatty in this lovely weather and the virtual munchkins cant keep up.

its had disasterous effects on me the last few days-

means i have time to dip in and out of ebay

Please fix it quick- its costing me a fortune!!

Definitely slow here and I am in Australia so I think it must be the MSS server…


Hi everyone - we’re on it!


Thanks Bob.

Pat x