Is this MS?

Hi everyone,

i have been ill for the last 2 years with varying degrees of the following symptoms. My doctor has done various blood tests (all ok) & thought I probably had ME but a dose of steroids virtually cleared up everything. Should I insist on an MRI?

Tingly, numb fingers, ball of feet & mouth.

Fatigue, so severe it’s like having flu.

Dizzy spells, especially while I’m laying down. Often wake up during night feeling faint.

Drilling sensation in back of my head, again usually when I’m laying down (wakes me up).

Pressure feeling round top of my head & on ends of fingers (like there’s a peg attached to ends).

Need the loo a lot!

On a really bad day, aching & weak limbs, can’t tolerate noise & even holding a conversation is too much effort.

I’d be very interested to hear what the ‘real’ experts think.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Helbel, nobody on here will be able to answer your question ‘is this MS’ Only a neuro could give that diagnosis after various tests you’d need to have. If you’ve been feeling those symptoms for a couple of years, maybe now would be a good time to get your GP to refer you for further investigation. Although your symptoms might be similar to some MS symptoms, there’s also loads of other things that’d fit…try not to worry & get onto your GP to get the ball rolling

Good luck

Rosina x

Thank you for your answer Rosina. I’ve been getting myself into such a pickle, Googling all my symptoms while feeling quite ill. My doctor is sending me to an endocrinologist, so I will go down that route first - as you say, it could be all sorts of things. Looking at this site just ticked SO many boxes for all the weird things my body is doing.

Hope all is good with you.



YES. Absolutely.