Is this ms stiffness ?

Hi, I was diagnosed with MS last Wed after a severe ms attack in Feb. Today I have been experiencing 20 minute episods of aching leg and arm muscles, like I’m going in for the flu. Is this MS ? I’ve not had it like this before thanks xx

Hi Helebon,

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I’m rrms and get achy limbs quite often and lifting the lightest things sometimes needs loads of effort but I don’t feel like I’m getting the flu. Guess it could be ms symptoms but sure there are people on here with more experience than me.

Hope you feel better soon. xx

hi Helenbon, It’s very difficult to tell if this is MS. It’s very easy to attribute every single ache and pain to MS. And in my experience it usually is the bl …dy MS But it might not be so I would suggest going to see your GP. Take good care of yourself Hugs Min xx

Hi Helebon,

MS certainly can cause stiffness and aches and pains. However, I feel as if I have flu’ pretty much all the time. I’ve never experienced it in bursts of as little as 20 minutes before. I know the old: “everyone’s different” adage, so I’m not saying yours couldn’t be like that. But although my MS is unpredictable, I don’t feel symptoms flip on and off for just 20 minutes. The aches are pretty permanent for me now, but even at the beginning, when they weren’t, I would have a bad day, or a bad few days, but not a bad 20 minutes.

The only symptom I can think of that usually lasts just minutes is a really bad cramp - I guess some would call it a spasm. I really know if I’m having one of those, and it’s impossible to mistake for general achiness. The pain is very severe, and I have sometimes been bathed in cold sweat because of it, or even throwing up. However, I can normally reckon on them lasting 15 minutes at most, so when it happens, I get through by telling myself it won’t be long. Doesn’t sound quite like what you’re having, though.


Thanks for the support. Another short aching burst in my calf muscles just now, have rubbed on some Muscle Rub ointment, seems to be working but may be its the placebo effect. I was on the phone to mum at the time and had to end the call its hard to have a conversation with someone while i’m in pain. Seeing the doctor about my bowel issues tomorrow so will mention my calf muscle aching pains too. xx