is this m.s

How positive is a 99% certainity of m.s when suggested by neuro? I know it sounds self explanatory and a stupid question , but what I am trying to say is the brain mri showed dawsons fingers u fibres and the spine scan shows demyelation in the upper part. She also did a clinical examination and said that I had probably had it a long time ,but still I am in limbo?!!

Sorry I did’nt tell the full story.When I saw the neuro she ordered more blood tests and a lumbar puncture which of each I have had. She said that at weekly meetings held with fellow consultants to discuss results, mine would be included in them. Why am I asking ,only she has the answers .The whole system is so uncommunicative .

hi linda

it seems that the wheels are finally in motion.

give it a couple of weeks and then ring her secretary to ask if anything was decided at the meeting.

good luck and try to be patient for a while longer.

carole x

It took six months from my first MRI, then lumbar puncture, blood test, more MRI’s to get my diagnosis. Waiting is the hardest part, it could be likely you have MS, as PigPen said chase it up in a week or so. Try not to worry in the meantime and prepare a list of questions for the Neuro maybe?

Thank-you both so much for your replies,very good advice ,which I have taken on-board.I have rang the m.s nurse and left a message ,but as yet no reply.

I will carry on being patient and staying positive until I get an answer.

Linda C xx