Is this a relapse

Hi all.

I had ON in Aug/September 12, had a 3 day dose of IV steroids which cleared it up. Had sensory relapse in October, more IV steroids in December which didn’t work. Had another 3 days of steroids in Feb 13 which worked.

Got a cold and sore throat 2 weeks ago which co-incided with the beginnings of ON (same eye as last time).

Went to GP who gave me oral steroids and antibiotics.

The sore throat and cold went but the ON didn’t. Seems to be getting slightly worse.

Just wondering if I should weather it out for another week or two before contacting MS nurse again?

The fact that the illness seems to have started the ON, is it possible I just need to give it more time to get better?

If the ON were a side effect of the cold/sore throat, I would think that they would all have cleared up at the same time, and I doubt very much that the ON would get worse after the rest had gone. So, unfortunately, it sounds like it might be a relapse :frowning:

I’d call the MS nurse, if I were you. Get it on the record at least.

I hope it clears soon.

Karen x


I rang the MS nurse before the weekend but she said that as I have only just recently had IV steroids (in Dec and again in Feb) that they’d be reluctant to give me more. She advised me to go to the optician just to make sure it is “just” ON. Or to the GP.

I think this is the first relapse that I’ve had to just put up with it. It’s quite frustrating. You feel like there is something that should be done but I think that’s just something I have to remember…relapses will happen and there might not always be something that can be done. I think the “incurable” part is kind of hitting me now :frowning: