Is there an easy way to get someone off the floor?

I just wondered if there was an easy way to get someone off the floor after a fall. My husband falls over occasionally and I find it almost impossible to lift him up. It becomes a panic situation for both of us. I always have to call my daughter or a neighbour. I am dreading the day no one is around. Is there a formula for getting a person upright?

the emergency services use a sort of inflatable mat.

i have no idea how or where to get one but i’d ask the doctor.

there must be something out there.

good luck to you both.

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This is the sort of thing they use (Mangar Elk Lifting Cushion) but at over £1200 it’s out of price range for a lot of people

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I was going to answer with the same information. Basically when I’ve hit the floor, the only way of getting me up is by calling the paramedics who bring along one of those lifting cushions. Then again I’ve not fallen for over a year, and that was due to infection.


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On the three occasions I’ve been on the floor, man nor beast couldn’t lift me up. Husband brought a very low stool to me and sort of wedges it under my rear end while I try to get my knee in a bending position. Somehow I manage to wriggle my bum half onto it, so I’m sitting on it. Of course it’s so low, there’s no way of pushing myself up. Between bringing the heavy kitchen chair towards me to lean on and push up and him behind me, his hands under my armpits we get there. I’m usually weeping in fear and despair, he’s stressed and concernd! Best not to fall in the first place! I’m using a three wheeled walker and plenty of grab rails.

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Depending on the height and weight of fallen person and weight of lifter it can be real tricky. Advice is it will take two of you. If there is any danger he has hit his head or back - call the emergency services. Those guys know how to lift safely. If its happening a lot - call social services they call refer you to have some kind of alarm system in place. Happened with my mother.

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Thank you so much for your replies. I can see there is no easy answer. Poppy6488’s reply sounds familiar xxx

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My local authority has a Community Alarm. The following is from their literature;

"The system supports people who feel vulnerable or who may have a disability. This system gives you and your loved ones reassurance that in an emergency help is available and on its way at the press of a button.

When you sign up to the service you will receive a pendant which can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. The pendant is wireless and connected to a small unit attached to your phone line. In an emergency you would press the button on your pendant. This will trigger the alarm unit to contact the operators in the monitoring centre.

There will always be an operator to answer your call for help as the centre is manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Once the alarm has been activated the operator will know who and where you are as they will be able to access the details you provided when you signed up for the system. The operator will get the right help to you including the emergency services if required."

Ask your council about a Community Alarm.



Thank you I will look into this .

My missus has got an alarm thing on her wrist for last few weeks (hasn’t had a fall to test it yet ). Its only occasionally(well that she admits too!) she falls but makes me feel better as i am out at work all day. She has given them 3 contacts they can call who can get here in under half an hour and get in house or they can call emergency services if needed(though she has never needed that yet!).I think it costs £3.50 a week,its called mi-guardian and they do a free 8 week trial.

My council have given me a Raizer chair by Liftup ((google it). It works a treat.

I had reason to use our method again yesterday. Left it too long to get to the bathroom and so was “rushing” with my three wheeled walker. It just ran away from me as I got there and I face planted the floor. Wonderful bruises on my arm. Husband had to pull me by the ankles!

Where idI fallen into the corner, i had arched my back as I tried to keep my face from the floor and landed on/between my walker. Once he got me flat he got the small low table/stool and the usual performance followed.

I don’t know what I’d do on my own!

The Raizer chair looks amazing I wonder how expensive they are? Sue

There is a winch type system, that mechanics use to pick up engines.

It’s like a tripod on wheels. I’m sure a hammock type mat can be fitted, for lifting people.

Another suggestion, would be an inflatable chair from Argos. They are useful for visitors, when seating is required & sunny days, lounging in the garden.

Mats are usually the way to go.


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I have invested in a bath seat/chair, it is always charged up & ready for me, if I should need it. When I end up on the floor, firstly I assess whether anything is damaged (a quick mental check through your limbs etc) then I crawl to the area where the bath lift is, or its bought to me if someone is around, when I am getting to the lift I push/drag my rollator with me, position myself on the-seat , raise it up, grab the rollator& back to normal. I have found that the seat needs to be close to a stable piece of furniture as it can-be a bit wobbly. This works for me,but please, it isn’t going to help all people, but thought I would share the idea that has rescued me many times.

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Ask for an OT assessment and ask for a manga which you slide him onto and then inflate it and it’ll bring him into a standing position . Or else you keep calling at the ambulance until the OT’s get the message.


My husband has just been assessed by an OT at home - she’s recommended the manger elk but it needs to go to a panel to be approved as it costs over £1,000 - we are having a stand aid delivered next week tho as he’s most vulnerable to falls when getting up from a seated position. When he falls at the moment I leave him on the floor, cushions under his head and arms and cover him in ice packs as once his core temperature goes down he’s able to mobilise again.

When my partner fell i was always lucky to get help.However as his condition has worsened i now have a hoist for transfers on a bad day but if his legs give way and i have to assist him to the floor the hoist is brilliant.