Is their any males in their 40's DX with MS ?

Hi All. Just wordering how many males develope MS in their late 30’s or 40’s, I am 45 and just wondering. Cheers. Stephen.

Hi Steve, I am one… Was officially diagnosed at the age of 40 (I am 48 now), RRMS to start with but appear to be in the SP phase now. I suspect however that ‘it all started’ in my teens. What’s your story Steve?

Hi Jos I had a attack in April this year right leg is not working still to this day, I have to sleep every day, I got a working DX of MS, if you see my other thread about today’s events at my neuro appointment. This left me wondering how rare it was for males to get MS in their 40’s.

i’m 40 shortly and was DX with RRMS last year

DX ten years ago, when 35 - still doing OK but starting to have to give things up

Cheers guys.

Hi Steve, as I feel that your subject relates to me, I just wonder what MSers in general feel about the ‘I have had MS since…’-sentence. The reason is that one has not ‘suddenly’ MS, but that there must have been, like I suspect in my case (you guessed right…), signals in the (very) past, long before the official diagnosis. Anyone has got an opinion about this? (I will stop here before having ‘fatigue controlled cognitive issues’ as in a previous, lengthy, story…)

hiya Stephen, I was 45 when dxed in 97 and more than that, I was one of the lucky ones of the 15% of MSers who have progressive MS, I’m special, brian

Hi all, I am 48 and was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I have had numb legs and feet since I was 43 that was put down to a prolapse disc. This progressed to left leg disfunction which materialised whilst walking to a train at paddington. As it is a very flat surface irt was obvious that I was dragging my foot. I have been hoping to go back to work after having 2 mths off due to a fall which injured my back but my walking has got too bad this past week. I do not know what type of MS I have but suspect PPMS. My neuro did not say and I did not think to ask. I suspect that like others I may have had this for quite some time before diagnosis but how long I do not know. My left leg has always been weaker and less controllable, but If I put everything in my past down to MS it would drive me crazier than I am right now. Tony

Verbally DX at 39 and can think back to 32 when I thought left hand and leg was behaving odd, lol that taught me to never see GP for another 7 years about it.