Is the change in my symptoms old age or my MS?

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with RRMS in 1990. Diagnosis was after tripping up, slurring, and loosing sight in my right eye, (after a while my sight returned but double vision remains) plus other symptoms I have daily learned to adapt to maintain my independence. I have been helped by attending physiotherapy, bladder/bowel clinic. Before diagnosis I was a registered nurse and after short stay in hospital I returned to work. In January 2020, after 35years nursing, I retired. The reason for my Topic, is because, since my husband and I had positive results of Covid in December 2020 which resulted in me feeling very ‘rough’ for 10days (my husband was hospitalised for 1 week, then home.) I began to see an increase in my symptoms. The reason for my querying the reasons for changes is because I am approaching my 67th Birthday and after ‘happily’ managing my MS I think it is it now slowing me down or is it due to Covid or maybe old age? OK… after reading back my long winded topic :smirk: I understand that I now have to rethink my daily activities. The 3 possible causes are requiring me to reassess my needs and implement a new ,daily plan of care. Thank you for taking time to read my topic. :blush:

Hi Milyn. Yeh it can take some fathoming as to what is causing this, that and the other!

I do see how it could well be a combination of disease progression, covid and good old aging!

I’ve had PPMS 24 years, am 69 and depend heavily on hubby and 2 carers for so much.

But there’s plenty of life left in me yet…same for you I hope chick.

Whatever the cause, does it change what you can do about it?

If any of us just stop doing stuff we will slowly decline regardless of what brought us down in the first place.

Keeping active in body and mind can only help. Eating well can only help.

Trying to work out the cause may sometimes be useful, but only if can influence what you do next. Otherwise get on with doing what you can and don’t waste time mourning what you can’t.

Hello Bouds
I really appreciate your reply. Old age comes to us all but it is just another stage of life that we all have to adapt to. As you say throughout life things happen to challenge us and MS is one that we are both proving does not have to stop us enjoying life. I’m so used to planning care for others to ensure their quality of life is always of the highest standard, my own plan now makes sure my own needs are the same.
My husband and I laugh a lot and we always see the funny side of our changing needs.
Take care xx

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I really agree and appreciate your reply. Having worked with MS and thoroughly enjoyed all my roles in no way am I going to give up. I always say Don’t worry about living with MS, just acknowledge that it is part of you and get on with living.
crd take care and stay safe :partying_face:

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