Is PPMS benign?

Benign is how the GP described my version of MS. A slow descent into the darkness. That’s more time to worry or become resentful of those staying healthy. I’m still trying to rationalise about its overall impact.

Then again, if I’m so fatigued, where do I get the energy to do this or do anything at all?

Best wishes. Condiments of the season.

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Hello Steve , well what ever they call you’ve been on a rollercoaster ride , I’m full of admiration for the way you handle adversity, whenever I come on this forum I always feel uplifted by your blogs and I love hearing about your adventures. I hope you have many more stories and adventures in the next year. Take care xx Love Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi…benign? Mmm well, I did think it was one attack from MS which didn’t develop and kind of went away But thats not how its affected you Steve, is it? Guess I need to look it up. What are your symptoms please? xx

Just had a look at what the MS Society says about benign MS…interesting and not necessarily benign in it`s action afterall.

I think the GP was a bit naive in his prognosis. He may have been trying to be kind after a rather life-changing shocking diagnosis. I’ve seen control and feeling deteriorate mostly on my left hand side over the last 30-odd years. I never went into a mad panic but I have learned to deal with frustration.

Best wishes

Yep, you just gotta go with the flo aint ya? Who`s Flo anyway?