Is migraine a relapse?

Hello I haven’t been on for a while since my diagnosis but need some some advice if anyone could help please. I have suffered with a migraine on Saturday gone never had anything like this before and I am still in some discomfort after what happened is this classified as a relapse? I am taking medication for the ms I have been for a year now and so far since starting treatment I haven’t had any attacks or relapses till what happened on Saturday, when it happened I didn’t wanna move I was crying because the migraine and pain at the back of my neck leading down to my shoulder was unbearable but after I rested and closed my eyes and tried to sleep I slowly felt a bit better.

Please if anyone could help me or tell me from anyones experience if this has happened to them I would appreciate it. Thank you xx

Not sure it helps, but it appears you are far from alone with this problem.

MS & headache: another elephant in the room (

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Thank you for this I really appreciate it x

Strictly speaking, a migraine isn’t a relapse.

I have had minor migraines throughout my adult life yet I’m PPMS, not RRMS, with a diagnosis last year and likely to have had it for 9 years in all. However, as Prof G’s article says, we’re all more likely to get migraines than the general population.

If you’ve never had a migraine before, the first one can be very severe as you don’t know it’s coming and don’t know the signs in advance. Like me, my stepson gets them and I’ve helped him recognise the signs and manage them.

For both of us, from that first sensation (could be sickness, dizziness, disorientation or artefacts in the eye) we need to be lying down in a darkened room ASAP. In fact, do it right and you may be able to head off the full-on effects: it may pass within a couple of hours or even a few minutes. That said, some unfortunate souls get the full works which can knock them out for days, every time.

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Thank you for this response. I was just wondering if it could be as I’ve never experienced this before, I’ve had headaches but nothing like this. And I did find the light was making me feel worse and I was very unbalanced so I blacked everything out and closed my eyes and I was laying down and it helped slightly.

Now that you’ve experienced a proper migraine, unfortunately you now know that no other headache even comes close… And you are now familiar with the tell-tale signs, so will be able to respond proactively next time.

Some people find that certain things can be triggers. Chocolate is one that sets some sufferers off. Impending periods is another. Usually it can be put down to a combination or sequence e.g chocolate + fizzy drink but only sometimes - it’s inexact.

Being pedantic, a migraine isn’t an MS symptom per se but since we are 2 or 3x more likely to get migraines than non-MS folk, it’s just another little comorbidity treat from the disease that keeps on giving! :anguished:

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Your right now I know what to expect if it was to happen again. Thank you for your response much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: