Is Lemtrada right for me ?

Hi Guys!

So i was diagnosed with MS a few weeks ago and the specialist has advised i go straight onto Lemtrada as a treatment, now my question is is lemtrada right for me? I work as a self employed floor layer so im always crawling around on the floor in some really dirty places. My assumption is that knocking my immune system out wouldn’t probably be a good idea. unfortunately im the sole income for our house hold so time off and sickness are really not an option for me. Does anyone have any experience in this kind of position?

Also on a side note he indicated to me that being male and young, 35, puts me into a bad category for MS, is that right ?

Thanks !

Hello Frets

The trouble with asking other people is that we just don’t know. It’s really a decision you need to make, based on the efficacy of the drug versus the potential side effects. The other thing it seems you will have to consider is that Lemtrada will require you taking some time off work. There’s no way round that, each yearly infusion will require a couple of weeks to take the drug, and to get over the immediate effects. But all the DMDs have potential for side effects, so to take a drug that’s as effective as Lemtrada might mean in the long term it’s worth the short term difficulties.

Have you had a look at ? You could compare Lemtrada against other disease modifying drugs (DMDs). Otherwise, have a look for the Lemtrada Facebook page, or see as there are lots of users of their forum who have taken Lemtrada. You could also do a search on here for Lemtrada, I’d particularly look out for posts by Katy79. Shes written quite a lot of posts about her very positive experience with Lemtrada.

In terms of your age and gender, you’re not in any worse risk group for severity of MS than anyone else. It’s just bad bloody luck to have MS at all. We all have different experiences with MS. I spent the first 10 or so years saying that I was ‘lucky’ in that I could still walk, work, do all the things I wanted to do. I don’t say that anymore, as things have changed for me. But I’m now 22 years in.