Having doubts

I am currently suppose to under go Lemtrada treatment, on the 9th May but has been moved to the 23rd May. I am now having doubts whether I should go ahead with it or just pull out and cope with it. I am struggling to find the middle ground as yes its going be beneficial in the long run or if i don’t have it done things can worsen in time. It is effecting work as im having lots of time off due to scans, blood tests ect. I’ve also been told you have to isolate after Lemtrada treatment which again will effect work and bills. This is my main worry about having anything done. Any helpnor advice will be greatly appreciated.

I can’t speak from personal experience of the treatment, but if MS is left unchecked, it might have a far greater impact on work and bills.
Obviously nothing you haven’t already considered, but that would be my main concern.