Is it true about rrms?

I’ve heard someone say that not all people with rrms end up getting progressive ms? Is this correct?

yes hun

its true. a lot get moved to spms but not all

now stop second guessing what this horrid disease will do next.

one day at a time eh?

carole x

That is true, yes. Most people with RRMS, but not all, do eventually go on to develop secondary progressive. But it’s typically only after a number of years. I don’t know if everyone would get it eventually, if we lived forever. But it’s certainly possible someone might die (of unrelated causes) before ever moving to secondary progressive. That might not be much consolation - i.e. that you might avoid it by dying! But not necessarily by dying young. You (not “you” - anyone), might live to a reasonable old age without ever having moved to progresssive, yes.

As with most things MS, there’s no “always”.

P.S. there’s no need to go anon with a perfectly ordinary question like this. It’s not anything embarrassing or controversial. You don’t have to give your real name, of course, but if you choose to post using your online username, it’s nice for other users to be able to put a name to the poster. They will know it’s (probably) not your real name, but it’s more friendly than talking to a load of “Anons” all the time.


Hi, just want to add that as others said, RRMS sometimes turns into secondary progressive… but never primary progressive which starts as PPMS.

One day at a time as Carole says… & as Tina says, no need to go anon. If you think about it, we are all anon really but it is nice to have a user name to respond to.

Pat x