Is it significant?

When I was diagnosed several years ago my MRI showed several lesions on the spinal cord but none in the brain itself. The lesions were all clustered around the same area (C4-6). Does this have any significance to the disease progression? I haven’t had an MRI for a few years and suppose that there may well be brain lesions now…but just curious I suppose. Julia

Hi, I can only tell you what my neuro said, it doesn’t matter how many you have it’s where they are. Hope this is some help julsiexx

My guess is that if all the lesions are in the same area then the symptoms you get would be provoked by that area, so any new symptoms would be a sign of the lesions occuring in a different place. Although I have recently been told that some people have quite big lesions without them causing a significant problem, others may be small but cause life changing effects.