Is it MS?

I need some help.

I am 30 y.o. male. I had Hep C. Successfully treated in the beginning of 2009. I am living a moderately healthy lifestyle. I do yoga 2 times a week, I also do jogging and exercises. My farther had MS.

I have been having some MS symptoms for a while and I am now really worried about my health status. I will explain everything in detail. I need your advice.

  1. I noticed some transient (2-10 sec) ringing in my ears either left, right or both. It started back in 2009 maybe. It may come and go. Sometimes 1-2 times a day. Sometimes it does not appear for quite a long time. Recently I have been having them almost every day 2-3 times.
  2. . In autumn 2012, while working in the office (usually I work 5 days a week 8 h per day) I started noticing that my left hand kind of gets numb, but so subtle that I can not call it numbness. I still have the same response to touch and pain as in right hand, but it kind of feels that it is weak. This was not a disturbing symptom, but I got it noticed. It feels like my left hand’s movements are not as precise as they used to be.
  3. In the beginning of April 2013 I started having light tingling in my left leg. Since then it is worsening and now it became quite disturbing. E.G. I am having troubles falling asleep when it tingles. It comes and goes. I really started stressing out. This tingling or paresthesia can come at any time and it does not depend on my body and legs position. Sometimes it can increase when I cross my legs. And it is only presented in left leg.
  4. The last week of April 2013 I started developing fatigue and depression. Depression may be due to the fact that I realised that the symptoms may be an MS. The fatigue usually comes after few hours since I am awake. Sometimes at 2pm sometimes at 11am sometimes at 3pm. It is overwhelming and affects my productivity at work. This fatigue is not connected with any of my daily activities. However, it may be more severe when I am at work. That was the primary reason, why I went to hospital.
  5. I also have problems with sleeping. Usually I can sleep 6-10 hours depending on my choice. Now I wake up at 6-7 am and can not fall asleep anymore. Sometimes I sleep only 6 hours and wake up with no more desire to sleep.

I was lucky to find a hospital with MS department straight away.

So all this symptoms brought me to a hospital, where neurology has a special MS department. I spent 6 days there. They made MRI with and without contrast, Lumbar Puncture and Evoked Potential tests.

MRI Brain: No pathological changes in brain MRI

MRI Cervical: No pathology

Evoked potentials: Hands and Feet - clear. Eyes P100 test showed that my left eye has 106 and right 107ms. So it seems within a normal range (I read in some sources that everything unto 114ms is normal. However, the docs said that it may indicate some demeilination, but it is not MS specific to have this 106 and 107ms latency. So they are in doubt about this.

Lumbar Puncture will be ready next week.

They found extremely low Vit D - 9.8 microgram/ml. Some of the doctors say that it may be the reason for the symptoms.

Doctors so far did not give me any diagnosis, but they said that they would like to see me in their clinic again.

I need your opinion. I am so worried now. Do these symptoms sound like MS?

If the Lumbar Puncture will be clear from O bands, will it mean I do not have MS?

Can these symptoms be stress or anxiety related?

hi sunnybob

yes tingling is common in msers but there are other causes

your dad having ms must have made you think you had it too

vitamin D supplements are a must then

also try a vit B complex - thiamine, which is a B vit made my tingling stop.

stress and anxiety are bad and make ms symptoms worse

so be calm and wait for the results of your LP

carole x

Hi, I would try and be positive with all your clear results. Lots of people I know get tingles, tinnitus etc in their ears etc. I expect if one has a family member with MS then it can be easy to easy to jump to conclusions after having similar symptoms. Then increased worry and anxiety can make things worse. Even if your lumbar puncture comes back positive then I expect your neuro will not give you an MS dx as you wouldn’t satisfy enough criteria for a dx. Then you have to move on and keep reassuring yourself that you are fine.

Have you had your thyroid checked. Low thyroid can cause severe fatigue, tingles and numbness. A tablet per day can treat this.

Take Care

Moyna x

Hi Everyone!

First of all thank you for your help.

I am taking Vit D supplements already since 5 days ago. I will definitely talk to my doc about checking thyroid. I wish you all the best. I will keep you updated about further results.

Thanks for quick replies!

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

My first instinct on reading about your symptoms was that it wasn’t MS, however I can certainly understand your concern: I’m sure MS must be the first thing that comes to mind in anyone having weird symptoms who has a parent with MS - it was certainly the first thing that my daughter and I thought of when she started to experience neurological symptoms although it turned out that she had a vitamin B12 deficiency and not MS at all.

There is no test that gives a positive result in 100% of people with MS, but it is very rare for someone with MS to have clear MRIs, evoked potentials, VEPs and LP so I would think that it is a safe bet that you don’t have MS if your LP is negative. Lots of negative tests doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing’s going on though. Your vitamin D deficiency is probably causing some problems and adding sleep problems and depression to that and it’s no wonder that you are having difficulties :frowning: Stress and anxiety definitely make things worse too. In fact, they can create all sorts of symptoms all on their own.

Saying that, one question that always comes to my mind when I read about a family history of MS is whether or not the parent was correctly diagnosed, i.e. is it possible that your father did not have MS? That, instead, you and he have the same genetic condition? Maybe something to consider if the medics can’t come up with any answers soon.

Karen x

Hi everyone!
My hospital informed that the Oligoclonal band results were positive. However, the amount of the positive Oligoclonal antibodies is low and therefore not enough to conclude the dx of MS. Nevertheless, my neuro informed that they would like me to take a 5 day Cortisone therapy in the hospital. It will be in 1 - 2 weeks. If my symptoms will improve after this therapy they may conclude the MS dx. I am still in doubt that it is wise to do the therapy, while there is no MS dx.
However I think I will trust my neuro.

BTW on the contrary the symptoms I presented in the hospital improved. They are not gone, but I feel better. I have less fatigue, less paresthesia in my left leg. Ringing in ears still comes and goes 2-4 times daily. One thing is that my left hand is definitely working slower than it was 2 months ago. I have to do a lot of typing at work and I notice that. This did not seem to improve.

My B12, Thyroid, Sugar, Cholesterol and pretty much everything except Vit D is in norm.

I have a few questions.
Doe anyone know whether the steroids (Cortisone) therapy can make my symptoms worse? What are possible side effects. Long term, short term?
Can steroids therapy make MS worse in case I have it?
Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for your replies!