Is It MS Or Not?? Two Different Opinions


I’m new to this site so I apologise if you’ve seen this before.

I was dx’d on 18th June 2012 by 1st Consultant Neurologist, who explained the scarring on the frontal lobe & brain stem from the brain MRI scan & advised he would refer me to his colleague who specialised in MS - still not sunk in yet & I’m still in denial :frowning:

Went to the other Consultant Neurologist on 28th June 2012 who wouldn’t confirm MS & advised I needed to have a VEP test which I have in a couple of weeks time. To say I’m confused now is an understatement!

I have been off work since my symptoms began on 27th May 2012, have had MRI scans on my brain and 2 on my spine & have had the intravenous steroid injections which have helped with the majority of symptoms, although I am still suffering with fatigue & permanent back pain. Wanting to get back to work but the fatigue hits like a David Haye punch to the face hahaha!

Has this happened to anyone else? Can 1st Neurologist be wrong? If he is why would he write to the other Neurologist, copying my GP, confirming he had dx’d me with MS? Oh & my GP said I should talk to the MS Nurse - she was loads of help, as the 2nd Neurologist had written to my GP saying I had “non-conclusive MS” she said I couldn’t get an appt until it was confirmed!

Thanks for any advice - it’s nice to know that I’m not alone when I read the posts on this forum :slight_smile: Pen x