Is it Ms or anxiety

Hi since oct I’ve had on and off numb hands at night,

Tingling feet and severe fatigue. I was also 3 mths postpartum at the time. My question is can you experience all these symptoms at once including an inner tremor and severe anxiety if it’s Ms?

Last year I was off work for 5 months with loose stools and abdo pain -

investigations revealed nothing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi catty

These are all symptoms I recognise as ms catty, although, if your feeling anxious,you should really try and relieve that stress. As stress has been the biggest debilitater to my me and my ms over the years.

Thanks Lisa,

ive also been told it could be anxiety and stress

as I haven’t slept well for over a year.

ive also connected with woman(postpartum) who have gone through this?

Hope you can find something you love to do, that will help you to decompress and hopefully get a good nights sleep! :slight_smile:

sometimes just a good ear, to allow you too rant and offload your worries, fears and frustrations can work wonders!

hope a little advice is helpful, I have a good ear if you need it.

Take care.

Are any of you in Scotland?

Anon, there are members from Scotland on here, but if I were you, I would create a new thread, that way people will be more likely to read it, rather than from an old post. Just tap on the new thread icon above & ask away!! Tracey