Is it just me?

Advent greetings,and until thursday that’s as much as you’re getting off me.I’m wondering if you get oral steroids,ie METHYLPREDNISILONE on prescription with any regularity? I’ve been getting it for seven years when I feel that a quick blast will help me.I recently changed GPs surgeries and my new GP has stopped my supply.She’s been in touch with the Duty Neuroligist at Walton Neuro in Liverpool whose advice to me to help with increased pain is to increase the Gabapentin.I have seven other drugs, but if in doubt “Increase the Gabapentin”

Whoever he/she or it is didnot review my casenote,has never met me and doesn’t realise I have it in writing, with 14 typos and grammatical errors to play ‘Pick’n’mix’ with the drugs they give me.That was from a consultant at the Walton Pain Clinic in may last year.There is a lady with MS who lives locally who has had her 'roids cut.

So finally I’m wondering if this is just ‘The Evil Empire’ or is there a national thing happening with 'roids.Answers on a christmas card please.Actually I feel quite festering,sorry festive as I’m watching The Great Escape.I hope Steve Mcqueen makes the jump over the wire this time.

Laters, Wb


my short answer is yes…

will email u tomorrow…

e xxx

What’s the long one?

Speaks the morrow xx


I used to get Dexamethasone on repeat as and when I wanted, back when I used to relapse frequently. I have a different GP now to the one I had then and as relapses seem to have fizzled out (touch wood) I haven’t had to put it to the test with the new GP. But he gives me a prescription for antiobiotics for UTIs in advance so I would have thought he’d do the same for steroids if I need them.

Could you meet with your new GP and discuss it with her - she needs you to explain a few things to her about your condition.

Thanks for your reply Val.That is a sensible GP you’ve got there.I had one but it was difficult to get an appointment with him.The new one is based at my local hospital’s Walk in Centre and it easy to see her.By her own admission she knows very little about MS,but it is now easy for GPs to speak to a neurotic at Walton Neuro, so I’ve ended up in this situation.I’ve told her my solution which I don’t like,to which she said,“Good luck”.

Everything wooden being touched here,long may it continue,

Thanks, Steve