Can just ask?

  • Does anyone know what painkillers will be available now
  • As fentynal is only being given to cancer ,and terminalcases

Hi Rosie

I know you can get gabapentin, amitriptyline and pregabalin. But you’re best off speaking to your MS nurse or GP.


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I take one 2mg diazepam at night when i wake up with spasms which settle me to go back to sleep. thats all i take. I think some of the drugs for pain are pretty dire, that fentynal yikes, and tramadol is not good, my friends sister died with that stuff.

i agree with dan have a chat with your GP. xxxx

Hi rosie I take Gabapentin, which at first did help ease the pain a bit but after taking for about 8 months isn’t helping much talk to your ms nurse or gp about trying them they may work for you subzero