Is it 100% MS?

Hi I had my third relapse while i was in Saudi (much hotter in saudi). I had a clear MRI last year after my second relapse so my neurologist dropped it. But it happened again this year in a hot country. Also I notice numbness afterhot showers/baths. Is MS the only condition that is so temperature sensitive or could it be something else? Im being abit impatient the neurologist appointment is taking forever. Plus ive chosen not to tell my family and friends about it so I have nobody to discuss it with. Thanks.

hi cosine

i really haven’t got the answer but maybe it will come with your appointment.

when is this going to be?

carole x

I don’t even know yet. My gp re-referred me on the 24th of Sep

Thanks for replying xx


you may want to look uhthoffs phenomenon

julia x

Thanks xx