Introduction and hello

Hi, a quick introduction I’m Chris, I was diagnosed with SPMS over 10 years ago now. I am 56 live with my husband, I don’t work anymore as I couldn’t manage it but on the whole manage quite well. looking forward to speaking to you all.

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Welcome Chris, Its so good to hear you are coping with MS and I hope it continues along those lines. I’ve have MS for many years and been in a wheelchair for around 12 years now, but it has been liberating for me as I can get out and about again (besides being isolated because of Covid that is). I have an adaption on my wheelchair so I can take my dog out - its wonderful. I stopped working 2 years ago and I love not having to go in everyday. I hope you enjoy the forum but at the moment responses might be a little slower than normal as we are all getting use to this new forum. Hope you keep posting. (((HUGS))) Maz