Introducing myself properly

Hi. I have posted a few posts here already, but I realised I have not introduced myself yet. Where are my manners!?

I turned 43 in July. I had optic neuritis in late 2020, numb hands for several months in 2020, and eventually I got diagnosed with RRMS three weeks ago. I am currently sumptom-free, waiting to have my first appointment with the MS nurses and start DMT (no idea what DMT yet). Meanwhile I am trying to conceive my very first baby, and battling infertility.

When I first found out about the diagnosis, it was hell, but now I feel better. It may sound like it’s a nightmare situation but I do feel positive about the future. At least I got diagnosed before it’s “too late” in terms of progression. My very first relapse was when I was 40, I never had health issues before to suspect anything, and MRIs in 2018-2019 (for unrelated reasons) had shown no lesions. Getting the MS diagnosis early means I can start DMT and control the progress as much as we can. I also believe in the progress in MS research which has already been tremendous in the past 5 years. How is that not positive.

Part of MS is letting others and the medicines help us, but a big part of it is also helping ourselves by leading a healthier lifestyle.

OK, I admit I have a hell of a stressful job, but you know, after the MS diagnosis, I simply don’t let things stress me out or upset me. I am lucky I work from home 100%. I can just stop, go out, meditate, destress and then get back to work.

Now, since MS does not define me, I can share more about my hobbies with you. I love cooking and baking, home design, going for walks, spotting airplanes in apps, going to museums, singing, and everything that has to do with sports car design and racing.

Here is another interesting fact about me. I have volunteered in two Olympics: Athens and London. I love volunteering.

I also adore gardening. I have been growing my own veg and flowers. I live in the West Midlands. Nice to meet you.



Hii Maria.Nice to meet you. You have a great attitude and I’m happy you can get DMDs to slow progression.

I’ve had PPMS 25 years and it took 22 years to diagnose. I have coped quite well, but now I have Jesus in my life, I cope better. He definitely saved me.

love BouDSX

Nice to meet you too, Maria. Thank you for introducing yourself.