International Women's Day (NOT MS)

Hiya all

Today is International Women’s Day-celebrated on 8th March annually.

As some of you know I am involved with a local womens group (WOW-Women Of the World) and we meet every Fri morning.

We are celebrating tomorrow by sharing skills within the group. My friend and I are giving a Reiki demonsatration. Others are displaying art/crafts etc.

The theme of this year is encouraging/supporting young women. Earlier this month we held a coffee morning (which I was unable to attend) and raised £400 to assist a local 17 year old girl going back to her original school in Nepal (shes there NOW) helping them get basic school supplies.

Today I am spending the day with my daughter who was 19 yesterday.

What I really wanted to say was, women-be pround of who you are and celebrate. Men-show appreciation for the ladies in your life (just a suggestion!)

Happy IWD to all

Ellie x

Hiya Ellie,

Thanks for that - this woman didn’t even know, but I think I’ve just figured out what today’s Google doodle must be about.

I bet I get a bunch of flowers…NOT.

Have a good day!



Happy International Women’s Day to you too!

Pat x

Happy International Disturbed Womens Day to you Choccy Orange xxx

Happy International Women’s Day to you Ellie and to all the wonderful women who contribute to this forum. If you would welcome a bit of inspiration try Googling ‘Phenomenal Woman’ - this is a fab poem by Maya Angelou that I use in the women’s leadership programmes I run. I tried to post a link but it didn’t work…

Hilary x

I have just learnt (from work, no less - who decided to send me an e-mail about International Women’s Day one hour before it ends…) that such progressive (ahem) nations as China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria have all declared International Women’s Day a national holiday!

Comes to something, when they all give more prominence to it than we do.


Hey girls

Thanks for replies.

Yesterday I offered Reiki demo as planned then we had FREE sandwiches/cake and drinks in a local hotel!

Mark it in your diaries for next year!

Ellie xxx