International Wheelchair day! Ha... who know!!!

Honestly… just read it in a Tweet from a disability group…

Who knew?

Must be some sort of secret!

Pat x

Is it today? Doing a few wheelies now to celebrate! Ha ha!

not me! but i can use my sons old L plates…

ellie x

I had no idea, would have had a flag flying from me

wheelie if I had, lol

Pam x

Mystery over, guys, about International Wheelchair Day. I invented it in 2008, so that was the 6th IWD last week. It’s a non-commercial celebration of the wheelchair. Year on year it has grown slowly but surely as more people, like you, find it on-line. Keep an eye on for more information on this year as details of events come in and start preparing now to celebrate IWD2014 in your own personal way, but keep me informed as I’ll be looking to provide info in forthcoming events as soon as possible. Cheers Steve

Thanks for that Steve. Great idea. Hope word spreads… well must be spreading… I read it on a Tweet but can’t remember from who.

Hope you come back and remind us next year,

Pat x