Just seen consultant who has confirmed PPMS, he wants to put me on interferon . Can I ask others how this has gone for them Are there any things I need to look out for and expect Thanks

If its your first time of using expect to really bad flu like symptoms :frowning: i also had red welts were I’d injected regardless of whether it was arm, leg stomach or bottom. Unfortunatley I was only on it for a year and half as I was having more relapses on it than off it. Hope it works for you, good luck Sue x

Thanks Sue for that, it’s my first time so we will see how it goes Tony x

I have never heard of DMD’s being prescribed for PPMS in the UK. Why take something that might prevent relapses, when you don’t get relapses?

I have a MS nurse coming I will put that to her, the consultant was keen for me to try it

There is another thread on here discussing possible age discrimination when considering suitability of DMDs. You are being offered them when you are PPMS - very very unusual. It all seems so variable … As is MS. Anyway, I didn’t suffer any side effects except low White cell count ( which has recovered) and low platelet count ( which has not recovered). So don’t worry- not all people get the flu like side effects which can usually be controlled well with a couple of paracetamols before injecting. Hope they really help you. R

I will let you know how I get on


I have been on inteferon since May. Red and slightly itchy injection sites but easily manageable. Take a couple of ibuprofen when I inject in the evening and this sorts the flu symptoms. I do get them if I don’t take the ibuprofen though. I had headaches to start with and felt a bit under the weather but this wore off after 3 months. I was never ill enough to take time off work.

Like the others, I am surprised that you meet the criteria but hope that it has positive benefits for you. Best of luck!


You should also have been advised to have regular blood tests - check this with your MS nurse.

Thanks, will do