Instagram story


my ex partner has MS and we have 3 children together and we are finally getting along really well,

I’ve decided to share his story on instagram and i want his voice to be heard and of course with his consent but i will also share my story,

my intention is to give others some insight and awareness on how this condition can affect the whole family but also it can bring families back together again.

any suggestions is most welcome

I guess you could tell like it is.

Has your partner given you permission to do this?


You have to get a permission from your ex to make an Instagram stories about him. Do you have many Instagram followers in common?

Hi, I would like to hear your story, my partner/ex was diagnosed in september, after taking almost 3 years to get there. it has been a very difficult journey and relationship and i have decided i cant take it anymore but he is not accepting and feels as though i am deserting him. does it get better? how? we have a toddler together

Yeah. There can be different situations in our life. I also want to listen…

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You want to do a noble thing. Of course, I wouldn’t say that if you did it without your ex-partner’s permission.

I’m so glad to hear that you and your ex-partner are getting along well. That’s great news. It’s really admirable that you want to share his story to bring awareness to MS. With resources like, it’s easier than ever to spread your story and get the word out. It’s really brave of you to share your story too. That’ll be great for helping others with MS and their families. It’s a good idea to get some suggestions as well, as everyone’s experience with MS is different. I’m sure there are many people who would be willing to help and offer advice. Wishing you the best of luck with your Instagram story.