Hello! First day of taking Methylprednisolone and omeprazole for ON and finally managed to fall asleep at 2am, woke at 3am and been wide awake since, it’s now 5.30! Hate not sleeping but as long as it helps this relapse I don’t really care but just wanna sllleeeeppp!!! Anybody know if sleeping tablets can be taken? Prescribed or herbal?

I just make good use of the time even though my eyes feel like they have been pinned back. Books, listening cds with war stories ha ha, radio, getting my old cds out from way back when, eventually or sometimes I go back to sleep, sometimes I just give in and stay awake until at some point that following day I can rest and sleep normally.

I even go out in the garden in my nightie and stroll round. Once my non-sleeping sets in there is nothing I can do about it so I view it as added quality time now rather than some kind of torture. Yesterday I was awake from 3 a.m. and had to go somewhere during the day. I was very tired then came home and at 9 fell into a massive sleep.

Good luck.


I assume you were given the advice as to how and when to take the damned things?

If not, take them all together first thing in the morning. I always used to wash them down with milk rather than water (or you could use yoghurt or whatever you prefer). If you take them later in the day, you are more likely to have sleep problems.

As far as sleeping aids are concerned, you’ve hit the weekend so can’t get anything from your doctors, but ask your chemist. You could try Nytol (not the herbal type, the ones you get from the pharmacy), just check first that they go with the drugs you’re taking.

If you don’t sleep again tonight, see if you can get up tomorrow, take the drugs, then go back to sleep, ie before they’ve really hit your system.

Otherwise, it’s the things like make sure you are warm enough, but not too warm, relaxed just before sleep and don’t get into a good book just before you sleep as that could keep you awake! And just accept that you will have a few days of iffy sleep. Catch 40 winks where you can.


Horrid, isn’t it?

As Sue said, it’s the weekend now and the GP’s is shut, so no chance of getting something that really works. OTC (again, as Sue said) Nytol is certainly worth a shot.

Next time you are put on a short dose of steroids, you might like to talk to the GP and get yourself a few proper sleeping pills to see you through the inevitable steroids white nights. For this time, it’s probably a matter of grinning and bearing it and looking forward to some good catch-up sleeps when the drugs disappear deep enough into your system to be doing their work but without disrupting your sleep. In my experience (of IV steroids), this happens pretty much the day after the last dose, so relief is just around the corner.


Hi guys! So thank you for the advice I took nytol last night as advised and also advised by pharmacist and I slept like a log! Feeling loads better today and without jinxing it im pretty sire mye eye is practically 100% better now! Sooooo happy xx

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Hi, I’ve just asked a similar question, I started yesterday morning and been up all night too!! And feel really bloody odd in every way.

hope you have a lovely chilled day and sleep comes soon xxx

That is good to hear. It is so nice when it all starts going in the right direction again!