Gah Steroids - Can't sleep!

I’ve been taking Methylpredisolone 500mg oral tablets now for my current relapse for 3 days (2 left) and I have only had 5 hours sleep in total since… No matter what I try I can’t seem to catch off to sleep! Feeling a little bit irritable and just needed to vent! Can’t wait to be off these damn tablets!

There are decent over-the-counter sleep aids that might help. Nytol and Sominex are both good. Another time (or even now, late in the course as it is), you might want to ask the GP for a few prescription sleeping tablets to get you through steroid nights. That is the sort of specific, short-term need that those kind of meds are good for.

I hope that the steroids work really well for you.



ouch! Apparently the old have a half life of 4hrs but I wonder what they kickstart in our body.

I have had them x3 in 10 yrs and they have made me feel worse-never again!

however they work brilliantly for some and I hope u r one


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‘apparently they only have’ is what i meant to write!

Hi Gribs,

​I had these in Oct last year, like you did not get very much sleep, felt worse for about 2 weeks, but after that felt better than I had done for months (walking etc), didn’t last though. Have just gone through a mild relapse, refused steroids, if I have to take them again will wait till I have a bad relapse. Didn’t know then then over the counter meds would help, might be worth a try, let us know if you take any and if they were any good.

C x

Hi Gribs

Have only had steroids a couple of times and think they are a necessary evil. I have a ‘wired and tired’ phase when I can’t sleep and feel buoyant when I really shouldn’t and when I finish the course I have a ‘weepy and sleepy’ stage! The positive is that they kick start recovery so they are worth it for the worst relapses.

Hope you feel better soon.

Tracey x

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