Insomnia - Pregabalin/Tysabri


Does anyone know if either or both of these drugs cause insomnia.

I have monthly tysabri infusions (on 4th) and take 150mg or pregabalin twice a day. I used to be a great sleeper but I now start wakining from 3-4am and then struggle getting back to sleep.

Any advice would be appreciated

Pregabalin is definitely causing me sleeping problems, I find it is worse when I have just increased the dose. Have you just started taking it?

Fizzy x

I’ve never had sleeping problems in the 18 months I’ve been on Tysabri. On the contrary, nearly went on Modafinal recently because I was sleeping so much (seems to have been sorted by the Fampyra, at least for the moment).

Same for me with Tysabri, feel tired more than anything else x